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Specialty Facials

Our facials are customized based on your individual needs. These treatments have purpose and are designed to help you achieve your skin care goals. Results will vary depending on the condition of your skin and your compliance with recommended Rhonda Allison home care products.

Level 1 ~ Customized Express Facial

A stimulating workout that will wake up your skin while considering your personal needs. This facial features a thorough cleanse, skin analysis, and finishes with a custom-tailored skin cocktail and mask.

40 minutes, $70

Level 2 ~ Signature Corrective Facial

Every client is unique and this treatment reflects that by using corrective support that is designed specifically for you. Whether you need anti-inflammatory, antibacterial or antioxidant support, hydration and/or brightening, with each appointment we uniquely design an effective treatment that is truly your own and what you need at that present moment. This facial contains higher concentrations of actives, such as collagen stimulating/freezing peptides, AHAs, flower acids and other intelligent ingredients.

75 minutes, $110

Featured Premium Facial ~

Uplift Facial

This luxury facial provides an uplifting experience that turns back the clock. Transform your skin with a double enzyme exfoliation, firming protein mask and intense facial muscle stimulation.  This facial also focuses on the eye area and includes a hand treatment.

90 minutes, $145


Ultimate Glow ~ A True Experience

Retreat into 2 hours of pure relaxation.  This elevated facial features all the best of what Aesthetic Glow has to offer.  The Ultimate Glow features an enzyme eye exfoliation, microdermabrasion, antioxidant/hydration/oxygen infusion, and a hand & foot exfoliation for complete head-to-toe rejuvenation.

120 minutes, $245

Signature Oxygen Facial ~

This extraordinary, blissful facial implements an oxygen machine used to convert ambient air into highly concentrated oxygen. This therapeutic treatment is designed to infuse skin with oxygen and other nutrient rich serums that are misted onto and into the skin creating a cooling, soothing sensation. Oxygen creates an environment inhospitable to bacteria and also activates cellular metabolism. This process increases cell turnover and stimulates skin cells to function much like younger cells thus creating healthier skin! Oxygen therapy is great for all skin types including acne, rosacea, aging, and sensitized skin (post laser or chemical peel).

75 minutes, $135

Add Oxygen to Any Treatment for Additional $25

Eye Treatment ~

Your eyes are the first to show your age.  Give them the attention they need and deserve.  This rejunvenating treatment features a papaya fruit enzyme to lift away cellular build up and hyaluronic acid to infuse moisture into tired, dull skin.  This treatment finishes with a freeze-dried collagen mask that virtually irons out fine lines and a freezing peptide eye revitalizer.

Add-on to any facial or microdermabrasion, $25

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