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Chemical Peels
What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a technique which involves the application of a variety of chemical solutions to remove the damaged outer layers of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface.  It is extremely beneficial for many skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, sun damage, and photo aging.  By removing excess cellular buildup and stimulating the regenerative process, you will notice marked improvements within the skin.  These improvements include refined texture and tone, decreased wrinkle formation, increased hydration, reduction in pore size, clearing of blemishes, better balanced oil production and an overall healthier skin appearance.

Progressive Peel ~

Progressive peeling is the mildest course of treatment that removes the outer most layer of the stratum corneum with little to no visible peeling.  A peel series is recommended and can be repeated up to once a week.  This level of peeling is a mild, yet refining and has a cumulative effect.  All peels will be selected based on your needs and individual skin care goals.


Brighten Up Peel ~ This peel is a great introduction for a first-time peel client.  This treatment is an effective combination of papaya enzymes, natural lighteners(daisy flower extract and kojic acid) and a stimulating retinol peptide peel.  Their beautiful synergy overall brightens photodamage and improves texture and tone.


Rosacea Peel ~ Yes, chemical peels are absolutely appropriate for sensitive and rosacea skin types.  This peel uses salicylic acid to reduce bacteria and inflammation, hibiscus flower acid for rejuvenation, and Vitamin A to stimulate capillary growth and strengthening.  This peel supports the reduction of redness and inflammation.


Radiance Peel ~ This is another fantastic option for all skin types including sensitive and congested skins with impacted pores.  This treatment presents a gentle, yet effective approach using a powerful, digestive pineapple enzyme working in tandem with salicylic and betulinic acids for improving skins at a cellular level with healing and renewal.


"A" Youthful Source ~ This dynamic peel beautifully minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, redness/inflammtion and acne.  This effective, all-purpose peel utilizes a retinol/flower acid combination to gently restore a more youthful, healthy complexion. 


30 minutes

$130 (Face, Neck & Decolletage)

Mid-Depth Peel ~

Mid-depth peeling is a more aggressive approach that targets the intra-epidermal layers of the skin. Peeling occurs within 2-3 days of treatment and is similar to a sunburn peel.  These peels can be received every 4-6 weeks as needed and offer rejuvenating effects with minimal downtime.


Apple Flower Lighten & Tighten Peel ~ This peel is ideal for all skin types and yields a beautiful result.  Apple Flower delivers a powerful 1-2 punch with a red wine complex to firm & tighten slacken skin and an exotic lotus flower acid to lighten and smooth.


"A" Baby Boomer Peel ~ This is a Rhonda Allison tried and true peel featuring a TCA/Salicylic solution to improve lines and wrinkles. Baby Boomer is finished with a highly sophisticated Vitamin A+ Peptide peel to brighten, reduce photo damage and overall rejuvenate dull, lackluster skin.


Lotus Peel ~ One of my personal favorites, the Lotus peel is highly effective in lightening hyperpigmentation and creating a refined, smooth skin texture.  Amazing results for all skin types!


Firming & Toning Peel ~ "Apple Wine Peel" is a client favorite and a smart introduction to mid-depth peeling!  This peel features Apple Wine Acid, a beautiful formula containing malic and tartaric acids for firming/age reducing benefits, and is followed by natural melanin suppressants like azelaic acid to balance and improve skin tone.


30 minutes

$165 (Face, Neck & Decolletage)

Before/After photos of Firming & Toning peel series.  Courtesy of Rhonda Allison.

Before/After photos of "A" Baby Boomer peel series.  Courtesy of Rhonda Allison.

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